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Acer griseumWinter hazel


February 2021

Old Fashioned Bleeding Heart - Dicentra spectabilis, blooms mid-April in our garden.
Photo 2020 Christopher Jayne

February 2021 - Please download our 2021 Plant List/Order Form and 2021 Supplement which has many new plants not found in the full Catalog/Handbook.. We will be shipping as the weather permits! Spring will be here soon!

Please don't forget to download our Handbook for complete descriptions of our plants as well as a plethora of useful knowledge. The Supplement to the Handbook has plants that we have added to the list in recent years. The Plant List/Order Form has all the plants we offer.

For more information please visit our Download Page and get our informative Handbook, Plant List, and Supplement. You may also call us at (828)683-2014 to request that we mail these to you (Printed Handbook is $5), or to place an order. 


For over 40 years The Sandy Mush Herb Nursery has been collecting, propagating, and selling herbs, perennials, and other interesting plants.  We have many wildflowers and other plants native to our Western NC home. Our Handbook/Catalog contains close to 1600 varieties of plants including:

  • Traditional Culinary and Medicinal Herbs
  • Scented Geraniums (94 varieties)
  • Wild Flowers and other native plants
  • Perennials
  • Trees and Shrubs
  • Bonsai Plants
  • And Much, Much More.

We also carry wonderful, carefully selected books, seeds, and handy items.

Please visit our Download Page, where you can download our entire Catalog and Order Form - For Free.

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